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Our Heart's Need Is...

"Our Heart’s Need is..."

By Ramone - March 14, 2008
Our loving heart, like our physical one, needs an inflow as well as an outflow of lifeblood. And like its physical counterpart, our heart is a muscle, a trust muscle. This trust muscle needs to be used and exercised; if it is injured it will slow down or weaken... We need to take responsibility for this loving function of ourselves and use it. Love concealed or love rejected can both kill us.

- from Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
I was struck by these words from the book "Boundaries" (one of those rare books I think every Christian --no, every person-- needs to read). I had never thought of our loving heart like our physical heart. Our physical heart has four chambers and is a muscle, taking in blood and putting it back out. As they said, if bloodflow stops in either direction, we die.

Isn't this just what Jesus said—"Love one another as I have loved you"? Won't we die if we don't receive His love? And won't we equally kill ourselves if we don't let His love flow out of us? We are created, made, built to be receivers and givers of His love! It's what we are made for. If we don't let His love & grace flow out of us, we'll die just as surely as if we don't receive His love & grace.

Lord, help me understand this and come into maturity as a heart muscle! Help me become a sucker-and-pumper, Lord! Haha! Seriously, Lord, help me rest in knowing this is what I'm made for, and that my heart will function best and feel most alive when I choose to let Your love & grace come out of me just as surely as I let You & Your loving grace come into me! In Jesus' name, amen!


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i like this! good job
This is beautiful. Thank you for the painting, and the words.

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