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Christ Alone

Christ Alone

By Ramone - December 4, 2009

In November I decided that I wanted to do something for a particular church, as a blessing and to say thank you. I asked God if there was a picture I could paint and felt Him say yes. After I prayed, this picture was what I saw and painted. I talked to God about it and asked Him what it meant. He said it was “Me and My children,” and then He said, “Give them to Me.” I asked God who these people were. At first it looks like they are people in the city, people outside the church, because those people are hungry for Him and hungry for His love. But He said that these are people inside church. It’s hard for me to write about this without crying in the Spirit.

The people in the picture are wearing rags because they really need His love, and they also need one another’s love. Even though they are standing close next to each other, they feel alone… they don’t feel “clothed” by His love or by love from the people next to them. Often at church people worship, sing, and listen to the message next to each other, but they still feel alone. They don’t know that He is right there with them, and that He is waiting to talk to them. Because the program is the main thing, there is very little time for people to speak and share their hearts with each other in church, and often there’s little time for Jesus to speak and share His heart, too. So often He feels alone, too.

I believe God wants to share His heart with the church… His heart for people that the church program and worship service can’t help, people who need the clothing of His loving voice, and the clothing of love from relationships with each other. I pray that God uses the picture and its meaning to bless you and fill you with more of His heart for the people He loves so much.

wow! Lovely... and touching and thot-provoking =)

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