Sunday, May 17, 2009


In the Darkness

By Ramone - April 25, 2009

One night as I returned to a cafe in a dark area of my city for private dinner and prayer, I prayed and asked God what He was putting in me to draw. And this is what He started to show me... one of His people holding up His light in the dark place, like a cave, and other people seeing it and coming. The "way out" wasn't yet seen, but we're all on the journey together.

The day after I finished the picture, I went to a meeting where Jim Yost was speaking, a Christian minister who lives for God in Indonesia. During his talk, he spoke of how Christ told His disciples to go "into the nations", to go into the places of darkness and not just where it was safe. I talked with him after the meeting and shared about praying for dark parts of my city. He further said:

We gather all our candles together in the light
but it can only be seen and be useful in the darkness.
Amen. So be it, Lord! Send us out of our "light boxes" to carry Your light to people who need You!

Hope in Christ. Never give up.

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