Wednesday, June 15, 2005



By Ramone - sometime between June 2003 & July 2004

I wrote the story of this one on May 12th, 2005:

It started out with only a vague idea of wanting to draw "worship" but quickly grew chaotic. It didn't work and my pen was dying, so I left it for a long time. Sometime later (I don't remember when?) the outline came, strong & firm. Up close, I love it. From a distance, though, it looks un-interesting & chaotic or even cheap.

It's like my story of worship... begun with a vague notion of You, Lord, of what worshiping You really is. It got chaotic and too difficult to figure out, and I gave up! Later though (and at what exact point I don't remember) I saw a definition & real shape. (Is it a scream or a cry? A joy or a fear? It's that joy of stretching & reaching up to You!)

From a distance, yeah, it's cheap. Technique, too! Maybe not interesting to others. But up-close, intimate, You've made worship in my life out of all my chaos. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Ramone, I love it! Claire B
RAMONE! I loveit!!!!!!
whoa that was weird. I said the same thing as the first comment.. I didn't TRY to do that. =) woohoo. hahahaha..

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