Friday, June 24, 2005


In His Hands

By Ramone & Yoko - April 12, 2005

This was one of a few pictures that came when Yoko and I sat down together for the first time and drew on two pads. I didn't know what to draw or where to start, but like at other times, the figure of a worshipper seemed to be the thing to draw. So I drew the worshipper and felt it needed something else. I asked Yoko what she thought, and she said it needed hands. So I put in the hands & love it! I love how God blesses me with my wife! He is beautiful and He has given her a beautiful heart to see the world through, and I love her perspective! (^_^)

We are in His hands! As we worship, we are in His hands, too. Our worship begins with is in His hands, and when we're finished (or exhausted!), we're still in His hands. It's like Jesus said, we worship Father in Spirit and truth, but Spirit and truth are His alone. So even our worship of Him is a gift from His hands! And it's by His hands that we lift up ours and praise & adore Him. It's His hands that hold ours up, and His hands that hold & hug us.

It reminds me of the first time I stood up to enter the presence of the King. I was attending a Tommy Tenney meeting at Mission Viejo, California, in August, 2001. Tommy has an anointing from the Lord to stir the hunger in people to passionately praise & adore Him, regardless of the cost to our image and what others think.

I sat next to a good friend, with whom I could share very private things. But as Tommy spoke of the women breaking alabaster boxes of perfume for Jesus, and as he talked of the blind beggars crying out, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!", something began to rise in my heart. I longed for Jesus and needed to cry out for him. I wasn't the only one!

The Spirit was stirring in other hearts, and soon one man stood up and cried out to God. Then another did the same, but from the other side of the room. People began to stand up and cry out to the Lord, but it's not like that kind of call where you stand to rededicate your life to God just because everyone else is standing. As each person stood up, you could feel their embarassment, and you could feel how they pushed past embarassment just to cry out to God! They were too hungry; they had to choose to ditch what others thought. Their cries interrupted Tommy's speaking, but they were the cries of passion for our Savior. Tommy put aside his microphone and began to worship God and cry out to Him for himself. Soon many people were standing and worshiping God.

But many were also seated, just as I was, struggling with the embarassment. I sat next to a good friend I'd brought, who I'd shared intimate things of the heart with, but I was embarassed to cry out from my heart to God in front of him. Finally, I went for God and stood up to join the singing that had begun and cry out to God. But no sooner did I stand than I could not sing or even speak. I couldn't cry out to God. I wanted to say a beautiful prayer or psalm, but I could only just weep, because He hugged me and held me in His hands.

God, You are so awesome. Thank You for holding us and giving Your love to us. Thank You for raising us and our arms to worship You, for making us for this, and teaching us how to leave all else behind just to adore & worship You. You're worth everything, Lord. Thank You for seeing us as worth everything.

"The eternal God is your refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms."

(Deuteronomy 33:27)

What an awesome picture the two of you made. Claire B in Alaska
VERY nice! powerful. and very artistic and creative. yay!

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